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Energy Smart Pumps

Start Saving with Energy Smart Equipment

Burkett's Pool Plastering is saving homeowners large sums in energy consumption by installing new super-efficient pumps and pool automation systems. 
Calculate your Savings....

With today’s rising energy costs, conserving energy is a must.
The Stealth™ ePump’s eight variable speeds and high effciency motor make it the quietest and most efficient pump available, saving a tremendous amount on energy costs.


  • Consumes up to 70% less energy versus single-speed pumps, saving as much as $1,300 per year.
  • Completely programmable and customizable with four control system options: Aqualink® RS OneTouch™, Aqualink Touch, Aqualink RS PDA, and ePump Controller.
  • Stealth ePump’s ultra-high effciency motor enables cooler, quieter operation and extended motor life.
  • Features the largest trap basket on the market for reduced maintenance.
  • Includes user-friendly features such as ergonomic handles and easy to read indicators.
  • Patented Quiet Technology for reduced noise levels.

Technical Details

  • Interfaces with Aqualink RS control systems and the ePump Control
  • Includes Stealth wet end
  • Energy-saving ECM permanent magnet TEFC motor
  • Extra long motor life and quiet operation
  • 600-3450 RPM range

Energy Efficient Multi-Speed Pumps
Save Anywhere from 30% – 70% on Pool Energy Costs!

“Why Slower Is Better”
The surprising secret to minimizing pump energy costs is to operate at the lowest flow rate needed to accomplish a job.  It takes far less energy to move water slowly than quickly.  Why?  Because lower speed equals lower flow resistance in the plumbing system.  Even though a pump will work longer at a lower flow rate, this is far more efficient!
FACT:  By reducing pump motor speed by half actually reduces the power needed to 1/8 of what’s consumed at the normal speed!

The old single speed pumps run at one speed: 3,450 RPM. Multi-speed pump technology lets you turn speeds down to as low as 500 RPM with normal speed setting at around 1,700 RPM’s.  Even if you ran the old pumps at 3,450 RPMs against the new multi-speed pump at 3,450 RPMs, you would still save 30% on energy costs due to multi-speed technology. 

Find out about our Low Cost Financing Options that will, in most cases, offset or exceed savings on your energy bill!


What our Clients Say
Overall quality of work/staff = exceptional. GREAT JOB!!!
I have referred this company to all of my friends!

Nicholas Toussaint
San Francisco, CA

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