What is Gunite?

Unlike vinyl or fiberglass, gunite is a process where, using compressed air, cement is pushed through a hose and is mixed with water at the nozzle.  It is pneumatically placed at a high pressure in layers allowing it to be applied to vertical surfaces and radiuses. This creates a seamless and durable surface.

Burkett’s Gunite Department

Led by our Gunite Department Manager with over 40 years of industry experience, the seasoned craftsmen of Burkett’s Gunite Department have perfected their Gunite application techniques using their exceptional craftsmanship to masterfully create and renovate swimming pools and spas! Beyond building the structure of a pool or spa, the Burkett’s Gunite crews utilize their skills for spa additions, Acapulco decks (aka Cabo shelves), raised walls, deep-end benches, shallowing a swimming pool, adding new walls, or even an auto cover box.

TAKE A LOOK at Burkett’s Gunite crews in action below and contact us at 800-517-3115 to see how our Gunite crew can help to make your backyard renovation dreams a reality.

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