PUT OUR EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOU!  At Burkett’s Pool Plastering, we boast a wealth of knowledge and years of finely honed skills, having plastered over 50,000 pools and over 25,000 pools fully remodeled.  Our commitment to delivering the best possible products and craftsmanship has earned us an enviable reputation in the industry. We pride ourselves on using only the most advanced pool resurfacing products available. As a Two-Time National Plaster Council Member of the Year award winner and with both Burkett’s Pool Plastering’s owner and the Vice President of our Plaster Division as sitting members of the National Plaster Council, Burkett’s Pool Plastering continues to be at the forefront of the latest technology for pool finishes and pool chemistry.

High quality pool finishes are the cornerstone at Burkett’s Pool Plastering!  In the past, things such as white silica sand, dolomite sand, marble, and dyes formed the basis of all plaster finishes. Unfortunately, it was soft and not particularly durable. However, in the late 1990s, the industry underwent a revolution with the introduction of polymers, pollozans, and other aggregates such as quartz and pebble, along with iron oxide and cobalt pigments, into the plaster mix. These additions have made pools more resistant to the damage caused by aggressive water, ensuring a longer lifespan and providing greater opportunities for creating stunning watercolor options

To learn more about our pool finishes or other ways we can enhance your pool, please get in touch with us. We offer free in-home consultations and can be reached at 800-517-3115.

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Burkett’s Pebble Blend

Burkett’s Pebble Blend’s combination of large and small pebbles, delicately smoothed by nature, refines the look and texture of your pool finish. This blending of pebbles provides easier compaction and allows the more pleasing texture of a small pebble with the often-desired look of a larger pebble. The tighter, more compact pebble blend gives a smooth feel that is more durable. With less cement in contact with the water, Burkett’s Pebble Blend yields a more impervious surface allowing for less chemical deterioration. With our selection of color options, you are sure to find a color that will complement your design.

Cayman Bay

Coastal Blue


Sky Blue

Tahoe Blue


Tropical Island

Midnight Blue

Wet Edge

Primera Stone™ - The most luxurious and smooth pool finish. This is due to the hand polishing of the entire surface with diamond grit polishing pads. The smooth surface enhances the natural color of the stones and glass accents incorporated in the product.

Prism Matrix™ - Prism Matrix is a blend of small and medium pebbles with glass beads. The round stones and glass beads provide a very smooth and durable surface. The glass beads add sparkle and unique color combinations not available with natural stone only. The perfect finish for a smooth pebble feel with the brilliant look of glass.

Signature Matrix™ - Signature Matrix uses the same small and medium pebble size blend as Prism Matrix without the glass beads. A variety of stone combinations allow for a wide array of color choices. The combination of smaller and larger pebbles creates a tighter compaction, showing less cement and more pebble at the surface. This finish is very smooth with an excellent feel due to the roundness of the stone and tight compaction.

Altima™ - Altima is a fortified blend of marble and quartz that provides a durable plaster finish. It is preferred over traditional plaster for its longevity and strength.

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